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A Practice-theoretical Account

Organizational Attention Research Project: Invited Scholar - Eviatar Zerubavel

Organizational Attention


Our team was delighted to meet with Professor Zerubavel, Department of Sociology, Rutgers University, to discuss on the topic of attention through a sociological eye. Professor Zerubavel, who was recently awarded the Society for the Study of Social Interaction’s George Herbert Mead Lifetime Achievement Award, brilliantly informs any attentional account of organizational life through his work in cognitive sociology and the sociology of time focused on the social construction of inattention, silence, and denial. 

Professor Zerubavel's incredible work allows for developing new avenues in the study of attention in the realm of Management and Organizations Studies. We will continue to follow his work with the utmost interest, and invite scholars from various background to consult his inspiring work. You can find his personal page and useful links in this page's sidebar.