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A Practice-theoretical Account

Sightings on the Edge of Time

Organizational Attention


We had the fantastic opportunity to kick-off our research project in a unique way. A collaboration with visual artist Angela Lyn and with the author and organizational development consultant Herman Gyr came about around Angela's exhibition "On the Edge of Time" organized by the Fondazione Augusto Rancilio. Her artwork was carefully embedded in the 400 year baroque palazzo of Villa Arconati outside of Milan and allowed us to ask questions on how we orient our collective attention – on the edge of time - a time in which we face unprecedented uncertainties of realities we cannot know and cannot escape. During the 2 day workshop, in which we brought together people from all walks of life - such as researchers, business executives from various industries, entrepreneurs & innovators, students, or architects - we asked, for example: How can we generate, sustain, and reorient people's attention when facing the edge in a world saturated with ever faster and more fragmented information? Or: What we should attend to and how when being on the edge of time, and how can we stay engaged and make change happen? Angela's artwork was a fantastic guide to collectively engage in such discussions and provided for an unforgettable start to our project.